HDL Compiler

Compiler for a self-invented hardware description language

A compiler written in Rust that compiles source code in a hardware description language which I developed myself. It produces files that can be read by gitlab.com/maxkl2/LogicSimulator, a web-based simulator for digital circuits.

I have written an extensive README containing a lot more details and instructions on how to use the compiler which is available on GitLab together with the source code: gitlab.com/maxkl2/hdl-compiler.

To ensure its correct functionality and to test its limits (especially regarding future optimizations) I have also written a 16-bit RISC core in this hardware description language: gitlab.com/maxkl2/hdl-cpu. The programs it executes can either be written by hand or created using a simple assembler I created for this purpose. This assembler, also written in Rust, can be found in the same repository as the cores HDL code.